The Get Real Plan is a workshop developed to help you achieve a healthy, “liveable” lifestyle. There’s lots of information available on how to lose weight or get fit – but it’s not always maintainable in the busy lives that most people are now living. The Get Real Plan was developed to meet your needs with a customized plan, offered in an interactive workshop setting.  The Get Real Plan helps participants  embark on a new healthy lifestyle that they can maintain with ease.

The Get Real Plan workshops are run by Certified Wellness Coaches who are leaders in their community in health and wellness.  Their goal is to help you uncover the perfect way of eating for you!  We start with what to eat, but we don’t stop there. We then go deeper into the how, when and why of eating. We also ask the question – What is food, anyway? We suggest that it’s a lot more than what comes on a plate! Get Real Plan Coaches work on feeding the soul as well as the body, addressing key lifestyle factors such as careers and relationships and physical activity.  We combine proven nutritional assessments with intuitive eating training, life coaching, and stress management techniques to guide you to becoming the very best version of yourself!

The Get Real Plan workshop was developed by Suzanne Monroe, founder of The Get Real Plan and The International Association of Wellness Professionals.

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